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                          About us

                                 An engine bed’s revolution, is several hundred components perfect coordinations, a high quality brand’s present, is enterprise many years diligently and pays. The Zhejiang forging press Limited company, dedicates the forging and stamping machinery’s research and development, the production and the sale, with 50 space remaining for freight’s times, adored makes Zhejiang to hammer engine bed this brand. The dedicated achievement specialty, the quality casts brand - - Zhejiang to hammer the engine bed, the Zhejiang name brand.
                                 The Zhejiang forging press Limited company, the old name Zhejiang forging and stamping machine tool factory, established in 1951, was the domestic forging and stamping mechanical profession first batch Country Second-level Enterprise, the National Key High technology and new technology Enterprise, the press national standards drafts the unit, was in Zhejiang Province the biggest forging and stamping machinery specialized Manufacturing firm, the home opens the type press’s main Production enterprise. The Base company occupies a land area of 350 Chinese acres, has more than 120,000 square meter modernized workshops, is the present home biggest opens the type press research and development and the production base.
                                Zhejiang hammered from 1959 starts to produce the press, until now more than 50 years history, has taken in Shengzhou as well as Zhejiang Province the earliest forging and stamping machinery specialized Manufacturing firm, its development, has led Shengzhou and even the entire Zhejiang Province forging and stamping mechanical profession development and the prosperity.

                          Technology, innovation

                               The technology is the enterprise life fountainhead, the innovation inserts soaraway to the enterprise the wing, in the equipment manufacture domain, the technology and the innovation is the enterprise development eternal power.
                                The company has a high quality product research and development team, devotes for a long time to the forging and stamping engineering products research and development and the technical support, and with the Zhejiang University, the river sea university, Jinan casts hammers the research institute and so on domestic famous scientific research colleges and universities cooperation, develops the press new product unceasingly.
                                Many item of product research and development have filled the domestic gap, many products are evaluated the national key new product, the Zhejiang Province high-tech product, and has the honor to receive the Zhejiang Province science and technology progress prize and so on many honors.  
                                The company produces the JZ21 series high performance to operate the type fixed platform press, the JZ25 series at present operates the type two point press, the J36 series closed type two point press, the JS21 series numerical control servo press and so on near 20 series 180 forging and stamping engineering products. These products have widely applied in the electrical appliances, the hardware, steam Morocco match, professions and so on electrical machinery, electron, refrigeration, electroacoustics coldly, the hot ramming formation craft, has been possible to implement many computer gearing automation processing.
                                The company technology center has been evaluated the Zhejiang Province enterprise technology center, the Zhejiang forging and stamping mechanical provincial level high technology and new technology R&D center.

                          Quality, team

                                The technology sets up business, the quality is popular business. As soon as comprehensive quality consciousness drops down the solid company operation each link and each detail. In “improves, does well under unceasingly” the quality policy direction, the company consummates standardized unceasingly the quality assurance system, by high grade service client and society. The company has after strict training, the specialized knowledge rich quality control team. From the project research and development phase, to the manufacturing phase, the related post has the quality surveillance personnel, the strict control check, each link, each working procedure, must pass through the strict examination program, curacy control strictest, quality control most outstanding, strives for perfection to each subtle point, promotes the quality level unceasingly, thus implements the product more formidable competitive advantage. The advanced production and the check-out facility, the optimized technical process, the advanced management tool, matches by the high quality operating personnel, had guaranteed each Zhejiang hammers the product the outstanding quality. Zhejiang hammered the mechanical press to evaluate from 2000 the Zhejiang Province famous brand goods.

                          Sale, service

                              Now the market changes constantly, between the enterprise no longer is some, on the one hand sole emulation, but has gathered the technology, the sale, the service and so on each aspect synthesis emulation, this is the brand emulation. Zhejiang hammers the engine bed, by its leading technology, the outstanding quality and the service, wins more and more domestic and foreign clients to kiss lai. The present Zhejiang hammered the product the sale already to cover domestic all provinces as well as overseas many countries and the zone, and has established the perfect sale and serves the mesh point, provided most promptly, the thorough service for the client. In countries and so on US, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Brazil has the client to use the Zhejiang forging press Limited company’s product.
                                The technique not stops, the heart does not have. Market gambling, the dedicated achievement specialty, the quality will cast the brand, the science and technology eagerly anticipates the future. Facing the future, the Zhejiang forging press Limited company, will continue take the market as the guidance, take the science and technology as the backing, develops unceasingly has the new product which the home, the international advanced standard as well as the market are suitable for sale, adapts the client Gauguin broad demand. Zhejiang hammers the human, unceasingly enterprising, profits from the domestic and foreign outstanding technical background, take customer as this, highly effective, innovation, growth, causes the enterprise to become the profession diligently the range pole, becomes the global forging and stamping mechanical device domain to have the broad influence and the good oral traditions remarkable supplier.
                                 Constructs the first-class enterprise, will create hundred year brand - - look forward to the future, our full of pride and enthusiasm. Zhejiang will hammer the human and continues the creativity forward by the enthusiasm continuously, will base Zhejiang, will radiate the nation, will move toward the world, will become the profession the pioneer, will draw a happier blueprint.

                          Telephone:0575-83021311(switchboard) 400-181-0808(sales hot line) 

                          Address:The Zhejiang Province Shengzhou Zhejiang hammers the road 88th  website:http://www.structuresii.com 


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